About Me, Dr. Agi

Since I was a child, I always knew I would be a vet! I took care of animals’ health and well-being throughout my entire childhood.

I obtained my Veterinary Diploma qualification at the Warminsko-Mazurski University in Olsztyn in 2004. After this, I moved to the UK, where I have been living and working ever since.

In the UK, I have many years dedicated experience in voluntary roles looking after animals. I have spent 11 years working with Manchester Dogs’ Home, which has given me great satisfaction and taught me many things, including how to be truly modest, humble, and respectful.

For the past nine years, I have worked in private vet surgeries in Manchester and Warrington, and my recent job position has been a Senior Veterinary Surgeon.

In 2018, I started my Post Graduate Veterinary Studies at the University of Liverpool.

As a result of my love for animals, I have also developed an interest in animal nephrology - the branch of medicine that deals with kidney’s diseases, endocrinology - glands and hormones, and breeding.

Knowledge, ethics, conscientiousness, and my passion for working with animals all help to guide my practice as a Vet.

My goal has always been to open my own Veterinary Surgery - a wonderful place where the needs of pets and their owners are the highest priority and where all pets are given the utmost care and the best medical service.